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My “paint” is living botanical.

My canvas is cotton.

My inspiration is nature.

Solace. The mere art of creating from nature gives way to that sense of comfort. Taking it one step further to permanence and staining 100% cotton paper with the colors hidden inside plant material is sheer bliss. It’s random, spontaneous, and absolutely lovely. This line of paper products come from that tranquility in unifying nature, art, and peace.

Display your BoiLeD BooKS journal for your soul’s nutrition; an inspiration to find the simplicity in your world. Fill it with words of gratitude, nuggets of the day’s happiness, tidbits of memories and wisdom to pass down, or quotes that indulge your heart’s joy.

Each Plant Stained piece is uniquely created by artist Rachelle Eason.

Please visit the BoiLeD BooKs Story page for the story of my journey with BoiLeD Books.

To purchase BoiLeD BooKS

Visit my Shop page for pieces available from my current collection or visit my Shows webpage for art show and event info.

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Fabulous BoiLeD BooKS pieces…

So what do you do with BoiLeD BooKs?

Write in them, draw in them, put pictures in them…do anything you would normally do with a blank book! BoiLeD BooKS have a fabulous surface to inspire you and lift your expression!

Prefer wall art?

I work with a fabulous framer to present beautiful pieces to hang and enjoy! At 24″x36″ framed, these pieces are matted and finished with unique barnwood frames.

By commission, you can choose your mat color and request colors or plants to be in the art. Commissions require 2-3 weeks for completion.

In stock framed pieces vary at any given moment as I build collections for future shows. Email me at to chat about my framed pieces.

BoiLeD BooKs by Rachelle Eason are available in a variety of styles.

Check out my current collection available for purchase on my Boiled Books Facebook Page or my Etsy Shop!



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