As I reflect through my career, it dawns on me that my journey is not really as much about art as it is about people.

It's about me as a teacher and as an inspirer. It's about how I learn and am touched by the people I work with. It's how others nurture themselves with the experiences I lead. It's about relationships with others.

Art has brought me to so many places and has introduced me to a multitude of people. It has brought me to laughs that turned to tears and it has brought release from sadness and despair.

Starting with art at the age of four and embracing it as part of my being from then on, I relish the fact that I now live an artistic life and have the privilege to raise my children with this belief that you can do anything, be anything, just be true to yourself. Art exposes that truth in us all and...

Art is for everyone!

Art Journal Laugh


My new word…Laugh! I know, it’s not “new…I have said it a million times or so, but somehow when I saw it sewn on a pillow it just spoke to me. One of the things I haven’t done enough of in the past few years is laugh. I have spent so much time managing…managing my […]